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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  September 6, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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but what i had is what i gave to football. i mean, i have a lot of stuff going on right now, but when i stepped on the football field, i try to focus on football as much as possible, but in the back of my head what was going on outside of football is a distraction i just can't stop thinking about so -- >> very compassionate move by the bengals and, of course, we wish devon, the family and his daughter the best. all right, hello, again, everyone, i'm fredricka whitfield. here are the big stories we're following this hour -- >> we begin with a major announcement out of washington. president barack obama deciding to delay executive action on immigration until after the midterm elections in november. let's go straight to the cnn white house correspondent erin mcpike. so, erin, what more is the white house saying about this? >> reporter: well, fredricka, president obama made this
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decision on the plane ride back to the united states from the uk last night. however, i want to play for you something he said in the rose garden on june 30th vowing to take this action on immigration reform. listen -- >> if congress will not do their job at least we can do ours. i expect the recommendations before the end of the summer. and i intend to adopt those recommendations without further delay. >> reporter: now, president obama's team did insist that he will make some sort of action by the end of the year, but they are not going to do anything before the midterm elections because their fear is that it could ignite the right wing of the republican party make this a big issue and then democrats could, in fact, lose the senate as they're in danger of doing now. however, what we have heard from white house officials is that if democrats hang on to the senate, the calculation is that maybe republicans will come to the table and then pass comprehensive immigration reform later. but i want to read to you a statement that we got from
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senate minority leader mitch mcconnell today. listen here. he says, what's so cynical about today's immigration announcement is that the president isn't saying he'll follow the law. he's just saying he'll go around the law once it's too late for the americans to hold his party to count in the elections. it's clearly not decision making designed around the best policy, it's washington politics at its worst. on the other side of the spectrum you have pro-immigration reform groups who are really upset with president obama saying they are not providing deportation relief to many undocumented immigrants, fred. a lot of disappointment on both sides of the aisle today. >> all right, erin mcpike, thanks so much, at the white house today. appreciate that. severe rain and winds hit michigan hard last night. tents full of people went flying when a massive storm there blew in. several people were hurt at two different church events at detroit last night and the power outages are expected to last for several days. crews from ohio, pennsylvania, and wisconsin are all helping
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with the repair work. a private funeral for comedienne joan rivers is said for tomorrow in new york. a short time ago cnn caught rivers' daughter melissa leaving her mother's apartment with her son. she told cnn the tributes to her mother are, quote-unquote, amazing. meanwhile, an investigation is under way in to the clinic where joan rivers suffered complications from surgery. jamaican search crews have spotted possible debris from a plane that crashed in the ocean near the island. that's according to the jamaican government's information service. the flight left rochester, new york, yesterday morning and was heading for naples, florida, where the couple owns a home, but somewhere over north carolina air traffic controllers lost contact with the pilot after he mentioned having a problem. the plane flew for hours unresponsive before crashing near jamaica on board the pilot and his wife. we've heard all the horror stories of isis massacres. but "the new york times" interviews an iraqi soldier who
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all right. we have all heard the monstrous stories of isis raping women, slaughtering iraqis, beheading journalists and massacring iraqi soldiers. "the new york times" interviewed an iraqi soldier who remarkably survived an isis massacre. somehow ali kazam was able to hide among his fallen comrades, wait until nightfall and then
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escape the clutches of isis. his story gives credence to the claims from isis that they executed up to 1,700 iraqi soldiers in one day. this video shot by isis in june shows the iraqi troops being rounded up for mass execution. and what we're about to show you is certainly not appropriate for children, so if they're in the room you need to have them leave. when this video is over we'll discuss it and we won't show any more graphic images. kazam tells his story in arabic. translation from "the new york times" will be at the bottom of your screen. >> translator: in june isis militants massacred hundreds of army recruits. is the improbable story of ali kazam, the only known survivor.
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ali volunteered for the military on june 1st. he was stationed at camp spiker, a former u.s. military base near tikrit and two hours north of baghdad. just 12 days later he was lying on a field surrounded by corpses awaiting a bullet to the head. "the new york times" verified ali's story using witness accounts, a human rights watch report, and videos of the massacre published online isis.
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>> incredible story. joining me now to talk about this story of survival a "new york times" senior video journalist adam elic, he's part of the team that wrote and told the story of the harrowing escape. adam, this is an incredible story. and one has to wonder if he worries about his own life even now after sharing his story. >> thanks for having me on. it's quite an improbable story that he shared with us. you know, it's hard to tell, i mean, everyone in this region worries about their safety to come degree, but right now ali lives in a large city. it's mostly shiite, he's a shiite, and isis does not have a
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pen presence in this region. he expressed to us that he's feeling comfortable and safe these days. >> and, adam, help us understand how he was located. how did you and your team find him and then get him to tell the story with, you know, such candor and with such ease? >> yeah. most of the credit goes to my colleagues in iraq. mike shum located him, found him through the help of some iraqi journalists. ali had told his story to iraqi television but this was sort of the first time that his story was reported internationally and our bureau chief in the region tim morango visited his house on two occasions. so we spent sort of three separate visits with him in order to verify and crosscheck his story. >> does he and maybe even his family or even neighbors, do they -- have they shared their sentiments now about how fearful they are of an isis return to their lives?
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>> you know, we asked ali what's in store for him in the future, and it was sort of inspiring to hear him say that he wants to re-enlist in the military once he sort of digests what happens and decides to embark on his next step and he said one of the reasons he wants to join the fight is to take on isis in honor and in memory of his fallen colleagues. you know, there were roughly 1,700 recruits at this military base and from what we know he's the only known survivor so it's quite warming that he wants to sort of continue the fight on behalf of his fallen comrades. >> did he express, you know, his views somewhere in the future? does he think that isis will be defeated? i understand you're telling me that he wants to be part of trying to defeat isis, but does he think it's realistic? does he feel like there will be -- his country will return to its people? >> you know, our video that you just showed a clip of is about seven or eight minutes long. in the original arabic interview
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with him was 55 minutes, so obviously we had to cut out quite a bit. one of the things he told my colleagues in iraq towards the end was he thinks isis can be defeated, but he also says he doesn't think they can be defeated without the help of other nations. now, of course, it's important to keep in mind, you know, ali's not educated and he as you saw in the clip there, he's an unemployed farmer so, you know, i don't want to, you know, think that he's, you know, a pundit when it comes to international relations. but he did make it chelear to u that he hopes other nations can join the fight. >> he's speaking of his hopes from his heart and from his mind and his experience. adam, thank you so much for bringing it to us. it's extraordinary and extremely thought provoking. it certainly lingers with you. >> thanks for having me. >> appreciate it. all right, in the meantime, there is a fierce fight going on right now in this country in kentucky. it pits a senate veteran against a washington outsider and it's likely to get pretty ugly fast.
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okay. we're less than nine weeks away from election day, and the battle for control of the senate is heating up. this week in kansas democratic candidate chad taylor dropped out but the kansas secretary of state has ruled his name will
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remain on the ballot. it has been speculated that taylor's decision to drop out would help the campaign of greg orman who is a threat to pat roberts. in alaska one of the most vulnerable democrats up for re-election is getting help from the democratic senatorial campaign committee. the group has made a multimillion ad buy for senator mark begich who is in hot water after a recent attack ad against republican dan sullivan backfired. and then there's kentucky where senate minority leader mitch mcconnell is hoping for a change in title to majority leader? but he'll have to get past a strong challenge to his own re-election first. here's cnn chief congressional correspondent dana bash. >> reporter: this year's marquee political race is a study in contrasts. a 35-year-old democrat, a washington novice, running to be kentucky's first fee nail
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senator. >> mitch mcconnell's washington, well, it's not working for kentucky. >> reporter: the 72-year-old top senate republican in the fight of his life to win and take over the senate. >> there is nobody barack obama wants to beat worse than mitch mcconnell. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell is the ultimate political tactician and old school "bring home the bacon" senator but he's not a farm and fuzzy campaigner at all. allison grimes is a natural at pressing the flesh with voters. but in interviews she's often stilted. it's a chance to move kentucky forward in the right direction. >> reporter: grimes is giving mcconnell his toughest challenge in years raking in campaign cash and airing clever tv ads. >> senator why did you vote two times against the violence against women act and against
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enforcing equal pay for women? >> reporter: his goal, tie her to president obama who in 2012 won only four of kentucky's 120 counties and is even more unpopular now. >> she's a new face for the status quo, a new face to vote for barack obama. >> reporter: she paints him as the personification of washington dysfunction. >> he has nothing left to give to the people of this state, no new ideas. actually promising further gridlock. >> reporter: you have to hear mcconnell's retort to believe it. the 30-year senate veteran is running as an agent of change. >> the only thing they can do in 2014 to begin to change the direction of the country is to change the makeup of the senate. >> reporter: and put him in charge. you know, the joke that most senators look in the mirror and they see a future president. you at least i don't think -- >> i never had that problem. >> reporter: -- was one of those people. >> i never had that affliction. >> reporter: but you have always wanted to be the majority leader of the senate.
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is that fair to say? >> i would like to have the chance to be the majority leader of the senate, yes. >> all right. that was cnn's dana bash. so, this race is a tight one. according to the latest cnn/orc poll mcconnell has a slim lead among likely voters but its within the margin of error but there's plenty of time before election day. 19% of likely voters say they could change their minds before casting their ballot. all right, straight ahead must-see viral videos. would you do this? hear the story next. i don't know what he was doing there. okay. well, first, living with a chronic illness can be difficult. imagine passing it on to your children. one man used the opportunity to make a change. dr. sanjay gupta explains in today's "human factor." >> reporter: carly was born to be in the water. a competitive swimmer since 4.
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this spunky gal from outside allentown, pennsylvania, has her eye on the olympics. pretty impressive goal for a 9-year-old with type i diabetes. her upbeat attitude really helps. >> i'm no different from any other kid. i just need to watch sometimes what i eat. >> reporter: type i diabetes isn't a stranger to the lynette family. carly's dad mitch also has it. their family was told their daughter had only a 7% chance of also contracting the disease, but the odds weren't with them. >> it's really hard for me because i felt responsible. >> reporter: but mitch and carly decided to turn a negative experience into a positive one. two years ago they began to raise money for the american diabetes association by starting a swim-a-thon. carly swam 100 laps and collected more $9,000. last year 110 laps. later this month she'll attempt three miles and hopes to add to that goal of $100,000 in 5 years. >> i'm really proud of myself because i know that i'm doing
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the right thing. >> words can't describe how proud we are of carly and her dedication and her commitment to empowering herself. (vo) friday night has always
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an all-new cnnmoney is coming up next, christine romans is here with a preview, christine? >> hi, fredricka. hiring slowed in august. the smallest job gains of the year. plus, hackers target home depot and expose celebrities. we'll take you to the dark corners of the internet where all of this is happening. it's coming up on 2:30 p.m. eastern on a brand-new "cnn money." it's been a busy week, so you may have missed some really great videos that are trending online and that's where we come in. we picked up great ones for you. they all went viral. first up, that's an antsy lion
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just wanting to give a hug! would you do that? the video is from john hawkins for and it has gotten more than 2 million views on youtube. oh, that's so cute! and then equally cute perhaps? next adam levine, the singer, and his appearance on "the tonight show." take a look. ♪ sunny day the clouds away ♪ on my way where the air is sweet ♪ ♪ tell me how how to get to sesame street ♪ ♪ oh, >> oh, my gosh. who does he sound like? that was his impression of michael jackson singing, of course, "sesame street" that's part of the whole schtick there, that's part of the game there on "the tonight show." you got a mystery, i guess,
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impersonation and then you're given a song and he put them together, so pretty talented. and that video 9 million hits on youtube. all right, thanks so much for joining us. i'm fredricka whitfield. see you again tomorrow. "cnn money" starts right now. ♪ he-he is this part of our low and slow recovery? i'm christine romans. this is "cnn money." your personal information under attack. a possible security breach at home depot, and celebrities' private moments exposed. we're going to take you to the dark corners of the internet where all this is happening. fast food workers walk off the job again. protests in 150 cities. are they winning the minimum wage fight? and later come for a ride in the most affordable lamborghini on the market. still goi


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